3 Keys to Get Back on Track and Make Change Stick

I speak often about balancing and creating change – it’s a juggling act that requires continuous practice and focus. Lately, I’ve been feeling extra “busy” and challenged in my own life to stay on track.

I was reflecting last week on some areas where I’ve felt stuck (writing a book, for example) and habits I needed to make stick, and then the following arrived in my inbox…

First came Seth’s blog post, Transformation tourism, feeling like a watchful eye and reminding me of this favorite, empowering quote:

“It’s never too late to redefine self-control, to change long ingrained habits, and to do the work you’re capable of” – Seth Godin

Then, later that same day, an email from Brendon Burchard with the subject, “UGH. change doesn’t have to be so hard.”

Then this video was circulating around Facebook, reminding us all that “it’s never too late” to make positive changes in our lives!

I was sensing a theme. So I went for a walk and refocused on 3 keys that help me get back on track:

  1. Define Priorities. What change do I want to make? What are really the most important things to accomplish? What are time-wasters? What can be done by other people?  The vision must be clear, and then broken down into achievable steps or goals.
  2. Schedule it. If it’s not on the calendar, chances are it won’t happen. Do you have a never-ending “To-Do List”?  Assign actions an actual time to get done. Something that feels “urgent” will always come up – a phone call, email, plants that need to be watered – and keep you from focusing on your priorities.
  3. Accountability. Let other people know what you are trying to accomplish. Build a support network of positive, motivated individuals. There was a day last week that I worked out ONLY because everyone in my mastermind group was checking in to post their daily workout. There will be days when you’re just not feeling it. This is when a little encouragement and accountability can help keep you going.

Those are my top 3. There are more.

Today I came across this great interview with Marie Forleo and Todd Herman: “5 Secrets to Change Your Life — And Make it Stick” – packed with even more practical steps. Which is your favorite? I like measuring your improvement. Tracking & reporting progress is so important.

Lasting change is a work in progress and easier said than done. Leave a comment and let me know what helps you make a new habit stick!