3 Quick Tips for Building & Nurturing Connections

Whatever big goals we are working to accomplish, we can’t do it alone. Participants in my interactive sessions quickly realize that it’s possible to reach bigger goals more quickly – and have more fun! – when they work together. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and build a support network. That support is critical to help us maintain balance and achieve our goals…and get us back on track when things get tough.

When working through a difficult challenge, do you ever wonder if it’s time to pivot directions or just push harder and stay the course? Sometimes an outside eye, colleague, friend, or mentor with experience, wisdom and objectivity can be super helpful.

So, how do you form and cultivate these relationships? Here are 3 tips…

  1. Offer Value – Give. Reach out and ask how you can be of service to this person. What are they excited about? Take time to listen and learn about their interests and goals and ask how you can help with one of their current projects.
  2. Be Real – Share something personal. Be honest about your goals and challenges. Share your fears and concerns. Ask questions, listen, and be open to new ideas and also tuned in to your own priorities to know which suggestions aren’t a fit.
  3. Follow Up – It can be difficult because we’re all working hard on a zillion different projects! I struggle with this one too, but staying in touch is critical to foster stronger connections. Set reminders to send a personal note to check in when it’s been a while.

Oh, and be nice and smile…a smile can work wonders!