5 Reasons Why Working Together is Better

Last week, I conducted two interactive team building sessions for two different types of companies: an industrial gases & engineering company and a management consulting firm.

Although they operate in different fields, both companies utilize teams to organize projects and understand the importance of nurturing team connection. As I conduct more and more sessions with various types of organizations, I see common principles and lessons emerge as the teams work together to master physical juggling challenges.

Here are the 5 most popular session feedback results that demonstrate the benefits of working in a team:

1. Less Stress

Participants consistently report less stress and frustration – and that they have more fun! – when working in teams to achieve a goal. I love looking around the room (check out the photo I grabbed) and seeing all the smiling faces!  When we’re less stressed, we’re more open to creative possibilities, and we can focus and communicate more clearly. Challenges become exciting opportunities.

2. Improved Focus

With less stress, our ability to focus improves. AND, there is also often less to focus on when working in a team. When tasks are distributed among team members, each individual can concentrate on his or her role or responsibility rather than worry about every moving part. This helps to eliminate feelings of overwhelm. Effective teams are able to determine individual members’ strengths and interests and assign roles accordingly, to capitalize on those skills.

3. Trust is Built

Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why, said, “A team is not a group of people that work together. A team is a group of people that trust each other.”

Team exercises give members an opportunity to build trust through open and honest communication. Individuals quickly learn to give specific and constructive feedback that empowers their teammates to make adjustments for improvement. As the team makes progress, trust and mutual respect builds. Members are more receptive to feedback from respected partners, and listening and communication skills improve.  As patterns are repeated and reinforced, members can rely on their teammates to deliver a good throw (or product) and the team bond is strengthened.

4. New Perspectives

Participants often note that their team member was able to point out something that they didn’t realize they were doing. OR…that they didn’t realize they were doing something wrong until they recognized it in a partner. Feedback from an outside observer is key for growth. That outside eye can reflect a clearer picture of where we need to make adjustments for improved results, saving time and energy. Team members also often offer ideas that we may not have considered, which can lead to creative ideas and innovative solutions.

5. More is Accomplished

When individual roles are clear and teams learn how each member works and communicates best, they can accomplish more, faster. Patterns that look complicated and confusing to the outside observer become simple when each member has an individual role to focus on. I love seeing groups master a 5 ball juggling pattern in a matter of minutes!


What are some of the benefits you’ve experienced when working as part of a healthy team?