Why is Balance Important and How can Juggling Help?

A few thoughts on life balance…click on the video below to watch

When our lives feel balanced, we’re more happy, motivated, and productive. We can think more creatively and collaborate more effectively. We’re open to new, innovative ideas and we can start to redefine what’s possible for ourselves and our organizations.

Stress from a life out of balance affects our productivity and performance. We’re more forgetful, less organized, have difficulty making decisions, concentrating and communicating clearly.

Work-life balance is not about spending exactly 50% of your time working and exactly 50% of your time living. That’s a totally unrealistic goal that just sets us up for failure. Life is a combination of all these different pieces, and it’s up to each of us to find the unique combination that leads us to a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment.

I define balance as juggling! Balance is dynamic and fluid and about finding the right juggling pattern. The pieces of our lives are always moving and shifting and we can find ways to strengthen the connections between the pieces.

Life is both doing a lot at once and focusing on one thing at a time…in the midst of many moving parts. Juggling helps us to learn how to do this, and learn to focus on what’s important and meaningful while maintaining flexibility and patience. When we drop, we can learn from our mistakes and explore new patterns.

What motivates me is when a woman comes up to me after a presentation and says, “You inspired me to think it doesn’t have to be either or, it can be both.”

So…practice your juggling! Just like the balls are separate, but connected (by timing), so are the “balls” of your life…family, work, health, social, etc. Start to brainstorm creative ways to connect the pieces and life will begin to feel more balanced and cohesive.

Work out with a friend…blog about something profound your child said…give your spouse the privilege of preparing dinner while you complete a project…the possibilities are endless!

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