Growth Igniters Radio Podcast Interview on Work-Life Balance

I was recently invited to be a guest on the Growth Igniters Radio Podcast with Pam and Scott Harper of Business Advancement, Inc. Since 1991, Business Advancement has been helping companies of all sizes, representing a wide range of industries, accelerate their growth and profitability – in any economy.

In the 30 minute interview, I discuss with Pam and Scott the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between all parts of our lives. It can be challenging, but when we feel less stressed and more balanced, we can be open to new ideas and start to redefine what’s possible for ourselves and our businesses.

Listen to the full interview here…

Growth Igniters Radio Episode 19
Episode 19: Establishing Work-Life Balance – Advice From A Professional Juggler – Guest: Jen Slaw

Here’s the breakdown:

Segment #1: Hear about my journey from a career as a structural engineer to a life of entertaining and impacting lives though the juggling arts.

Segment #2: Learn the B.A.L.L. formula for increasing work-life balance (you’ve seen it here before!)…

B: Break it down

A: Ask for help

L: Learn from the drops

L: Let it go

Segment #3: Three things you can immediately start doing to create more balance and success in your personal and work lives:

1. Tune in to your passion, purpose and creativity. Take time each day to refresh, re-energize and take a moment for yourself.

2. Find a mentor, coach, or advisor. Ask for feedback, make adjustments, and practice consistently. Breaking old habits requires constant practice.

3. Prioritize your schedule. Make a list and break tasks down by importance. Divide the hours in your day according to those percentages and stick to consistent schedule as much as possible.

Embrace the long term life challenge – living a balanced life is a discipline worth pursuing. 

Thanks, Pam and Scott…it was my pleasure to speak with you!