How to Motivate and Invigorate Your Conference Attendees

The best meetings and conferences motivate, invigorate, entertain, and educate.

What’s the SECRET to motivating and invigorating your conference or meeting attendees?

Here are 3 foolproof strategies:

1. Customize & Relate. Talk to the people in the room! Your audience wants to feel like you are speaking directly to them…that you understand their world, their challenges, their victories. Take time to learn about the industry, company, and audience member roles. Hire a facilitator, host, or speaker who is inclusive, approachable, and relatable to your audience members.

2. Active Participation. Engage conference attendees by providing experiential modules. Learning is enhanced when we experience ideas physically. Get groups up on their feet engaged in fun activities that reinforce your message. No one should be sitting all day! Strategically placed physical activities will result in participants feeling energized, refreshed, receptive to new information, and ready to face challenges.

3. Team Building. Encourage participants to engage with each other. Team building activities that promote communication and collaboration help attendees to focus, release stress, and spark new ideas. Participants feel empowered as they work together to generate creative and innovative solutions.

Conferences don’t have to be boring! Your group can be transformed and walk out of your event and back to the office uplifted, motivated, creative and productive. I’m here to help.

Attendees report that my sessions improve self-confidence, inclusiveness & collaboration, and provide them with practical coping mechanisms for dealing with stress and overcoming obstacles. Here’s what some recent participants from a healthcare association conference entitled “Leading in Times of Change” walked away with…