Infusionsoft Ignition Interview on Work-Life Balance!

Today, Infusionsoft released Episode 10 of their new show Ignition: Fueling Your Small Business…an interview with yours truly! Infusionsoft helps small businesses thrive through the use of customized sales and marketing software.

I was thrilled to be invited in to help answer the question: How is it possible to manage to run a business, have a life and stay sane?  We discuss unrealistic expectations of work-life balance and the importance of identifying priorities to establish your own pattern.

I share my easy to remember BALL strategy:

B: Break it down

A: Ask for help

L: Learn from the drops

L: Let it go

And hosts Ramon Ray and Ellis Friedman did a great job balancing peacock feathers to physically demonstrate the focus and flexibility that balance requires!

Here’s the video…

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