Jen's memorable and engaging staff training and team building workshops result in more productive, motivated, creative problem solvers and effective collaborators.

If you are looking for a way to innovate your next team meeting, you need a dynamic trainer that can:


  • Engage and Inspire your Staff
  • Get Teams Rethinking the Proverbial “Box”
  • Improve Team Connection and Communication
  • Customize Content for the Maximum Impact
  • Convey a Positive Message of Transformation
  • Appeal to both Men and Women

A former structural engineer, Jen “gets” the corporate world and the importance of an effectively functioning team. The goals of her interactive workshops are to inspire your team to think creatively and pursue their work with passion, and to set the stage for future conversations about how to work together even more effectively.

Juggling is the perfect physical metaphor for learning. It’s simple, often counter-intuitive, and requires flexibility, perseverance, patience, and creative problem solving. Jen demonstrates the world-class juggling that has garnered her numerous awards and an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman and presents physical and mental challenges for your team in an approachable way.

Through individual, partner, and group activities, team members discover ways to connect and communicate while challenging and supporting each other. Teams learn to utilize the strengths and learning styles of each unique member as they create a plan of action for goal achievement.

Programs are customized for each group and can be designed as integrated training workshops or stress-reduction sessions to break up the day.

Plus, Your Team Just Might Get Smarter!

Studies have shown that juggling increases the grey and white matter in the brain! Learning a new skill stimulates the brain and improves self-confidence.

Staff can even take home a set of juggling balls, personalized with your company’s logo, for a continued reminder of all that is possible!