Jen’s expressive, engaging and approachable style is guaranteed to captivate and relax your audience. Short, classy, entertaining acts are perfect for breaking up an awards show or long day of meetings!

If you want to ensure that your production or conference runs smoothly, you need a host who can “Juggle it All” and:


  • Amaze, Engage and Inspire your Audience
  • Connect Components of your Program in a Unique and Fun Way
  • Be Flexible and Adapt to keep the Program Flowing Smoothly
  • Customize Content for the Maximum Impact
  • Set the Stage for your Featured Guests
  • Connect with and Appeal to both Men and Women

Jen’s entertaining acts blend juggling and dance to create a unique display of artistry and skill with timeless appeal. Performances can be customized to your production or conference theme through music and message.

The art of keeping an event running smoothly requires serious juggling skills, and Jen can help assist you throughout the planning process to ensure a successful event. We are all struggling to keep all of the “balls” in the air, and juggling provides a powerful visual message that fits well in any industry.

With over 25 years of performance experience, Jen is a master at connecting with her audience. Be warned…with just a tilt of the head, a sway of the hips, a smile and a raise of the eyebrow, your audience may fall in love!