Interactive virtual programs to boost morale, celebrate team milestones, create a more positive work environment, improve team engagement, and navigate change with a growth mindset.

“Our President & CEO marveled at Jen’s uncanny ability to deliver the message we hoped for.” – Nikon


  • Virtual Keynotes
  • Virtual MC / Hosting (See VIDEO Below!)
  • Team Building
  • Ice-Breakers
  • Energizers
  • Kick-Offs
  • Staff Training & Development

Programs vary from 45-90 min interactive keynote to half & full day programs to extended workshop series.


If it sounds like this might be a fit, complete the booking inquiry form or email for a no-pressure conversation about customizing a program for your team!


Planning a virtual meeting or conference? Jen can help keep those balls in the air as your virtual host!


In this climate of constant change and uncertainty…

Is your company ready to think creatively…to explore fresh perspectives to shift staff mindsets, and attract and retain committed, proactive, creative problem solvers and collaborators?

CHANGE often leads to overwhelm and fear.

To move from overwhelm and fear to a place of creative exploration, we must:


2. Improve WORK-LIFE INTEGRATION for greater resiliency

3. Create & leverage a COLLABORATIVE ENVIRONMENT to heighten engagement


  • When individuals work together as a team to transform obstacles into opportunities, they build a bond, a new common vocabulary, and a fresh commitment to the organization.


  • With a true commitment to continuous learning & improvement, companies will attract & retain talent with strong skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and innovation.


  • When companies make it a priority to provide their staff with tools and support to grow, collaborate, better integrate work & life and tap into their purpose, their staff will feel valued, supported, and ready to perform.


  • Employees are more productive, better able to juggle the competing demands as they operate in complex and ever-changing environments, more confident to take risks, collaborate, innovate, and create positive change for themselves and the organization.